Films and stories

On these pages, you can find films of people talking about advocacy and telling their own stories.


A Commissioner’s View – Catherine Nolan, Commissioner for Learning Disabilities in Solihull, talks to Clare Wightman about the issues from her perspective.

A new role – Claire Nash, an advocate from Grapevine in Coventry, talks about how services and communities can get together to do things they can’t do alone.

Advocacy now – Alison Fleck, from Connect Advocacy in Gosport, talks to Clare Wightman from Grapevine about problems for advocacy schemes.

People not cases – Sharon, Donna and Elizabeth from Spoke in Luton talk about what advocacy is for.

Without someone in our lives who is willing to be alongside us we remain isolated and without power.

Beyond referrals – Roger, Nick and Margaret talk about lifelong advocacy and friendship.


John and Mary – John talks about the need for friendship. Mary describes how she tried to help Barry hold onto his friends when he moved from the day centre.

Ian’s story – a conversation between Ian, Andy and Meirion about the importance of having someone to turn to.

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